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Reading & writing of chemical file formats including skc, mol v3000, sdf, spectra & reactions.

Mouse-over red box to read error description.

Users can now select whether they want the spectrum predicted in CDCl

or DMSO.

Users can add their own shift correction data for proton prediction which can supplement the existing data used by the ChemNMR algorithm.

(W) Advanced property parameter including BP, MP and more.

CLogP/CMR provides the latest methodology for calculationg n-octanol/water partition coefficients and molar refractivity.

and much more….

Redo – Redoes the last undone action.

Zoom In – Increases the rendering scale of the sketcher.

Zoom Out – Decreases the rendering scale of the sketcher.

Open File – This button pops up a window that allows a user to paste in the contents of an MDL MOLFile or ChemDoodle JSON to be loaded into the sketcher. This will replace the current content.

Save File – If iChemLabs services are used, then this button will open a file dialog to allow users to save any of the 24 chemical file formats that ChemDoodle supports. Otherwise, this button pops up a window displaying MDL MOLFile content for the selected structure in the Full Sketcher and the only structure in the Single Molecule Sketcher that can be pasted into a text editor and saved with a .mol extension.

MolGrabber – This button pops up a window displaying a MolGrabberCanvas component that can be used to search the ChemExper, ChemSpider and PubChem databases for molecules of interest and then load them into the sketcher. This feature is only accessible through iChemLabs services. In the Single Molecule Sketcher, loading this content will replace the current content.

 ISIS Draw 2.4 / 2.5 (FreeWare)

легко сохранить файл в форматеChemDraw
В свою очередь, с помощью программы
Абсолютно бесплатная программа для рисования структурных формул. Файлы сохраняются в формате *.skc (Эскиз ISIS/Draw), который легко распознает программа

ISIS/Draw). Версия 2.5 аналогична версии 2.4, но не содержит дополнений.skc*.cdx ->
.*. Таким образом, не происходит потери данных, что очень важно при переносе структур из одного формата в другой (

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Русификатор ISIS Draw 2.4 (88,3 Кб)  
качать (*.exe) - 7,24 Мб.4 - сISIS Draw 2

Draw 2.5 (64,6 Кб)SIS
Русификатор I  

Мб(*.exe) - 5,69качать
.5 - сISIS Draw 2

 ChemPen (ShareWare)

 ChemPen (ShareWare)

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Состав пакета:

(W) Use a navigation tree to track history of searches between sessions, allow queries to be rerun or reconstituted; merge lists by drag-and-drop in tree. Queries color-coded to relate to ChemBioViz plots.

(W) Merge hitlists with any logic: intersect, union, subtract, reverse subtract.

(W) View records one at a time, in a table view or a multiform view.

(W) Plot one or two variables with a variety of plotting options. Hover over a point to view the corresponding chemical structure. Filter displayed points by any numeric variable using a slider control.

(W) Perform statistical analyses and display the results on the plot, modify the shape and color of plot points, add comment boxes, change axis label text and background color.

(W) Include miniature plots inside subform boxes for quick visualization of subform data on a per-compound basis.

(W) Generate many types of physical property; populate database fields automatically or generate on-the-fly per record.

Operating System: Windows 95/NT/98/2000/XP, Windows 7

These shortcuts will make it easier to work with the lasso tool. The functions are only available in the Full Sketcher.

TabSelect the next molecule.
Shift+TabSelect the next shape.
SpaceEmpties the selection and starts the Single Bond tool.
Delete/BackspaceRemoves the selected content.

If the website implementing the web-based sketcher does not access

services, then important functionality that you may benefit from is missing from their implementation. Please urge the providers of that service to contact us and provide users like you with premium services.

If you need help for any reason, please view our support options.