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A new version of MessageOps Exchange Online Monitor is now available at:

MessageOps Exchange Online Monitor allows you to monitor the health of the Microsoft Exchange Online environment and the availability of your organization’s mailboxes that reside in Microsoft Exchange Online. It performs a variety of tests to help identify and isolate problems you may be experiencing. It also records the results of all tests for performance tracking and historical analysis.

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(Exchange Online, план 1)

Let’s assume there are some issues to the services. Then you may see the result as shown below:

Hybrid improvements: Hybrid connectivity remains Microsoft’s unique differentiator in the battle for cloud email supremacy. Once connected with the Hybrid Connectivity Wizard, a single view is presented of on-premises and cloud components. At least, that’s the idea, and most of the time it works pretty well. And with Exchange 2016, Microsoft promises that Office 365 tenants will be able to keep mailboxes on-premises while making use of features like Office 365 Message Encryption and Advanced Threat Protection. Continual enhancement of hybrid connectivity is a good thing because it’s likely that Microsoft will introduce other cloud-based services in the future. Some of those services – or more correctly, probably all of those services – will never make it to on-premises servers, so being able to consume them by routing traffic via the cloud allows access where it would otherwise be impossible.

The preview build will change before final release. More code will come across from the cloud, tweaks will be made, and bugs will be fixed. It seems like Exchange 2016 will be reasonably easy to deploy for Exchange 2013 installations and moderately easy if you run Exchange 2010. That is, after you do the necessary up-front planning to master the level of detail that can’t be conveyed in an article like this. And ISVs have had the chance to upgrade their software so that you have the necessary backup, anti-malware, reporting, and other products necessary to flesh out the complete Exchange 2016 infrastructure. Based on previous experience, ISV updates will become available anything from a few months to six months after Exchange 2016 is formally released. However, the fact that Exchange 2016 is so close in terms of overall architecture to its immediate predecessor might accelerate this process.

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Интегрированная защита Forefront Online для Exchange, обеспечивающая первоклассную защиту от вирусов и нежелательной почты.

Личный архив, позволяющий освободиться от использования PST-файлов для хранения старых сообщений Гибкие политики хранения электронной почты и принудительного архивирования данных для отдельных пользователей, позволяющие хранить удаленные элементы.

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A new version of MessageOps Exchange Online Monitor is now available at: