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Also, SystemOpen[$UserBaseDirectory] will open it in the system's file manager.

Note: not all packages follow the standard so be sure to read the package's documentation for package-specific installation instructions.


Download Mathics 0.6

Подъязык геометрических вычислений: 50:22

Подъязык Entity — средство централизованного доступа к базам данных Wolfram|Alpha и новые курируемые базы данных: 58:39

Now we have the xAct directory within Base/Applications, the package is installed.

The advantages are not only that you can start to use Mathematica from anywhere you have an internet connection, but you can also share documents with other users. It also makes it a good way to implement applications.  If you do want to transfer your work to the desktop then a single click will do it and the desktop version can work with files stored in the Wolfram cloud. 

as root).

Wolfram Cloud: 1:33:12 + подробная видео-лекция

In short, this package won't work because it's written in a mix of Mathematica and C. Most packages written in pure Mathematica should work.